Dentures are a popular and non-invasive dental restoration that helps patients with missing teeth get a complete and functioning smile.

The traditional and implant-supported dentures available at Smile Clinic Group will help you get a beautiful new smile that looks completely natural.

What types of dentures are available?

There are two types of dentures:

    • Partial: A comfortable and removable alternative to bridges, plastic dentures are secured to a metal or plastic frame and attached to your own teeth.
    • Complete: These dentures are used when all of the natural teeth are missing from one or both arches.

When deciding whether partial or complete dentures are the best solution for you, we will examine your mouth and consider the following factors:

      • How many teeth need replacing.
      • The condition of your gums and remaining teeth.
      • Whether or not dental implants will be needed to fix the denture in place.

How are dentures fitted?

Being fitted with dentures requires two appointments. During the first visit, we will ask you to bite into a putty mould, which will serve as a blueprint for your dentures, and send the mould to a dental laboratory.

Once the completed appliance returns to our office, we will call you in for a fitting. Your dentist will carefully apply the dentures and test your bite to confirm a correct fit.

Dentures give many of our patients the most attractive smile they have enjoyed in years, so if you feel you need a dental restoration, call Smile Clinic Group today.