Mouth Cancer Screening

At Southlands Smile Clinic, we take a proactive position in your health and well being by screening you thoroughly for mouth cancer as part of your routine dental examination. Using a combination of state-of-the-art technology and years of treatment experience, we will look for potentially cancerous symptoms like those below:

    • Bleeding sores that fail to heal properly
    • Red or white sores anywhere in the oral cavity
    • Difficulty moving your tongue and/or jaw
    • Pain or numbness on your lips or in your mouth
    • Rough spots, thickened skin, or lumps in our around your mouth
    • Problems speaking, chewing, and swallowing

If any abnormalities are observed,your dentist may recommend a referral to a local specialist clinic.

If you notice any tender, bleeding spots or other irregularities in your mouth, call us right away. When caught in the early stages, mouth cancer can treated, so let us help you back on the road to oral health.