Dental Sedation

Dental Sedation

We want you to have a pleasant and comfortable experience each time you come to any of our Smile Clinic Group locations, so reducing dental anxiety is one of our most important services.

Sedation options are available for the following situations and treatments:

    • Dental phobia
    • High fear of needles
    • Sensitivity to touch, smells, sights and sounds and other sensory stimulation
    • Extensive and / or complicated procedures
    • Strong gag reflex

How does dental sedation work?

Different sedation types are available, and the method recommended for you will depend on your anxiety level and the type or duration of your treatment. One of our most popular options is intravenous conscious sedation, which will put you in a state of deep relaxation and leave the impression that you slept through the procedure.

Minor cases of dental anxiety can be treated with oral medication, while more challenging and complicated procedures such as removal of multiple wisdom teeth may make general anaesthesia advisable.

To experience the benefits of sedation dentistry, call our office today.

Our friendly and caring dental team will calm your dental phobia or eliminate it entirely.